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Clinical Supervision

For students, established counsellors and therapists. Individual sessions available.


Professional clinical supervision is a supportive and educational therapeutic process, and is invaluable  to enhance your skills and knowledge as a therapist.


I provide a supportive and creative approach to discuss cases, reflect on your process, provide feedback and offer guidance based on your professional and personal needs.


Common areas discussed:


  • Difficult or challenging cases

  • Ethical issues and dilemmas

  • Strategies, techniques and approaches 

  • Vicarious trauma 

  • Self Care

  • Managing and monitoring boundaries

  • Sounding board to share emotional load

  • Workplace employment challenges 


Common Benefits:


  • Understanding, support and acknowledgment 

  • Enhanced reflective practice 

  • Valuable and sensitive guidance

  • Increased skills and knowledge

  • Healthier boundaries 

  • Improved self care

  • Inspiration 


There are many benefits to clinical supervision. Regular support and professional development is crucial to your growth and self care as a therapist. It also ensures you sustain effective support for your clients. 


Please feel welcome to contact me for any additional information or questions.

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