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Beyond Birth Relationship Counselling

When we take good care of our relationship, ensuring it is a space of security and kindness, we can offer a foundation of emotional wellbeing and security from which our children can truly flourish.


Five years ago, my husband & I were very blessed to bring our beautiful boy into the world.  We had invaluable pre birth preparation for the actual birth and post birth baby care.  But we had no heads up at all about the biggest challenge of all: adjusting to the momentous change to our lives and our relationship. We had no map about how to keep our relationship strong and healthy post birth.


When we become parents, with all the incredible beauty and magic, came profound practical, psychological, emotional and spiritual challenge. A ‘baby bomb’ went off in our relationship. And from the countless couples I know, this is often a common experience. Sadly this phenomenon has led to a high incidence of parental separation in the early years of parenthood.


So here birthed my own passion, to help couples navigate & prepare for this potentially challenging time and keep their relationships strong and vibrant. I was very blessed to come across the wonderful and pioneering work of Elly Taylor and completed her “Becoming Us’ facilitator program. My Beyond Birth Relationship Support is a mix of Elly’s invaluable work as well as my own personal input.

Beyond Birth Relationship Preparation Program

Here I support pregnant couples prepare for the ‘baby bomb.’


The program involves 3 x 2hr sessions (see Bookings & Fees page).

This includes:


  • Awareness of what you as a couple will need to cope with transition

  • Knowledge of ways to ensure strong team work 

  • Knowledge of realistic expectations of life with a baby

  • Awareness of how to protect and strengthen your relationship 

Post Partum Relationship Counselling 

Here I support couples through the first year of parenthood and beyond to stay close and connected, despite the potential challenges of adjusting to life with a baby. Landing into parenthood can trigger unexpected vulnerability, both within our own hearts and minds, and within our relationship. Many couples find they grieve the loss of ‘couple time’ or ‘me time,’ have feelings of grief and loss for life ‘before baby’, suffer the impacts of sleep deprivation and struggle with changing roles and shifting identity. It’s not uncommon for fathers to feel ‘on the outside’ and struggle with feelings of jealousy and loss. Sex lives can drastically shift, and this in turn can create stress and strain if not handled well. All this combined can significantly increase conflict and distance in the relationship.

This is all normal and very common in the early landing stages of parenthood. 


It is so important to get support around these issues if it is straining your connection and closeness. Early parenthood is a time when we most need to be able to lean into our relationships for nourishment and support. Once you have a child you are building something beyond your relationship. As John and Julie Gottman so profoundly point out, you are building a legacy for your child and you have to decide what kind of legacy you want to provide for your child.

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